Existential-analytic Counseling and Coaching

The purpose of existential-analytic counseling (Logotherapy) is to help people, also and especially those in difficult circumstances, deal freely and autonomously with themselves and their environment in order to achieve inner acceptance and move towards a fulfilled and self-determined life.

I offer one-off sessions, multiple conversations or regular longer-term coaching with the aim to:

  • - Find individual answers to existential questions in your life
  • - Overcome a difficult situation in your life
  • - Encourage you in the direction of a self-determined and autonomous life
  • - Identify your own inner values and use them as resources for your life design
  • - Discover new personal opportunities and realize them
  • - Find inner affirmation to one’s life and actions
  • - Find strength and courage to follow one’s own path towards a meaningful future

“In the end, what one really desires isn’t happiness for happiness itself but a reason to be happy.”

Viktor E. Frankl

Mommsenstraße 6, 10629 Berlin